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by MotoGusto Editor

From time to time, you come across some brilliant innovations, and this is one of them. Let motovlogger o75 tell you about the Thunderfoot.

While watching one of Richy Vida’s YouTube videos, I came across this fantastic little product and thought that could have prevented my motorcycle from toppling onto its side shortly after dismounting it on a pitch at a campsite.

My head in hands, and somewhat embarrassed among other fellow bikers, we lifted my bike back upright and tried to reuse the now bent puck. Fortunately, the only damage was a snapped clutch lever which I replaced a few days later lightening my wallet of twenty quid. It could have cost a lot more.

The main problem, especially when you’re on your own, is using a puck on soft or unstable ground (such as grass, gravel or soft tarmac) that is also large enough to offer good displacement and robust enough that it won’t bend in half. Also, when you’re ready to leave, I bet you find yourself scratching your helmet, figuring out a way to retrieve your puck from the ground while sitting on a fully-laden motorcycle.

Thunderfoot Puck

Well, here’s an answer. This double-sided pocket-sized puck has been designed, created and made by Paul Thundercliffe, and it eliminates having to get off your motorcycle to pick up a puck.

In short, when you want to park your bike on soft ground, drop the puck, lower the sidestand on to it and dismount, then pull the retractable cord and place over the brake or handlebar. 

When you’re ready to leave, mount your bike, lift the side stand, and the puck will climb towards handlebar. Now within easy reach, take it off your handlebar and pop the Thunderfoot into your pocket or tank bag. Simple ideas are the best, eh?

So easy to use, it’s a brilliant accessory for any motorcyclist and works with all motorcycle makes and models. 

The retractable cord is 1.5m long and has a soft silicone handlebar strap. The puck itself is double-sided and can withstand loads above 500lb / 230kg. It’s even been tested with a Honda Goldwing and rider with a combined weight of 1000lb / 450kg.

To make sure your motorcycle stays upright on soft ground, grab yourself a Thunderfoot. At pocket-money price, it’ll make for an excellent gift for any motorcyclist.
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