Top Christmas gift ideas for bikers

by MotoGusto Editor

Christmas is just around the corner – meaning we have officially reached that time of the year when we get together with loved ones and inevitably share presents. To make your life easier, Riding Time and MotoGusto have put together some gift ideas for bikers.

First on the list is the Scottoiler. If you don’t know Scottoiler and you have a chain, you are missing out! This little add-on will make your life easier and your chain last longer. Once setup, the Scottoiler will continue lubricating your chain to make sure it is always ready for a ride! It also makes cleaning it easier as the oil it uses is thinner and doesn’t stick everywhere as much. From Riding Time, you can read Natalia’s thoughts here.

Keisters J501 Heated jacket

Next up is heated gear, most definitely the best presents Iñigo, from Riding Time, has ever given his partner, Natalia! There is a wide range of heated gear on the market but not all of it is motorcycle specific. It is worth mentioning, when you buy motorcycle specific gear you get what you pay for. Motorcycle specific gear will have larger heat panels, especially where your body is most exposed to the elements. Keis is our preferred choice for heated gear. You can check Natalia’s review of the Keis heated insoles and the Keis J501 Premium Heated Jacket.

On cold days during winter, means a cold battery. This is why it is key to keep the battery well maintained. For this, Riding Time uses OptiMate. Connecting a motorcycle to an intelligent battery charger is proven to keep the battery in peak condition, so it can deliver a full charge when you press the starter button for the first time in weeks or even months. You can connect the OptiMate 4 directly to the battery or, like we do, through the din socket on a BMW which an adapter is included. It is also compatible with the CAN-bus system on BMW bikes.

For the best motorbike tent or great luggage for your bike, Lone Rider has something for every adventure rider. Riding Time uses the Lone Rider MotoTent, the MotoBags and their Headlight guard on our BMW R1250GSA.

Help protect your two-wheeled machine with an alarm disc lock. Sadly, our motorcycle was stolen at the only time we didn’t have ours on (I know, I know… big mistake). If we had, it would have been more difficult for the thieves to steal the bike as the the alarm would have alerted us and we could have stopped the theft. Our preferred choice is the Oxford Alpha XA14 which has a 14mm pin compared to other brands that only have a 6mm one. You can also get the Oxford Quartz XA10 Alarmed Disc Lock which has a 10mm pin in case 14mm is too big for your brake discs.

Here’s a neat idea when parking motorcycles on soft ground. Certainly ideal for camping. It’s called the Thunderfoot. It’s a retractable puck to support your motorcycle side stand. When you want to park your bike on soft ground, drop the puck, lower the sidestand on to it and dismount, then pull the retractable cord and place over the brake or handlebar. When you’re ready to leave, mount your bike, lift the side stand, and the puck will climb towards handlebar. Now within easy reach, take it off your handlebar and pop the Thunderfoot into your pocket or tank bag. Simple ideas are the best, eh? At pocket-money price, it’ll make for an excellent gift for any motorcyclist. Read our review and watch the puck in action here.

We all love a clean motorbike. Why not grab a bottle of Clean MyRide’s 2-in-1 Bike Wash and Degreaser? With 5-star feedback from users and professional, it’s ideal for removing road muck, traffic film, lubricants, chainfling, grease, oil and brake dust along with exploded bugs during ‘swarm season’. Clean MyRide’s non-caustic, non-streak formula delivers superb results and is safe on all surfaces including paintwork, plastics, carbon, rubber and metals including aluminium, alloys and chrome. It’s also environmentally friendly, biodegradable and contains no harmful solvents! Read our company spotlight here. To order yours, quote ‘MG71’ for FREE P&P on one-litre bottles. Visit: It is MotoGustos’ team’s go-to cleaning product. But, don’t just take our word for it, read other user’s feedback.

How about rugged soft panniers for those touring trips. For under £70 for a pair of panniers giving you 60-litres of luggage space, the price is quite a bargain. It comes with a multitude of loops and straps to help keep the bags firmly attached to your bike. Designed to fit a broad a range of motorcycles with a pannier rack, each pannier comes with multiple anchors and mounting options for easy attachment. They can be mounted over the seat, under the seat and or through the pannier rack. The motorcycle dry bags can also be used as extra storage mounted on top of existing hard panniers or used as a secondary rear pannier system. Read more about them here or visit:

Who loves to settle down with a good book? We have a great selection of book reviews to help you choose the ideal gift. Whether you’re into touring and travel, looking to catch up with a bit of two-wheeled history, or fascinated with certain motorcycle marques, you’re sure to find a book to suit many motorcycle enthusiasts. Click here to visit our book review page on our website.

Motorcycle maintenance! Some of us love doing it, some of us don’t. Regardless of your stance on maintenance the fact remains the same; it needs to be done. The team at Tru Tension have developed a range of tools to aid your maintenance struggles and make it a doddle. Specifically, in this instance, the tension of your chain. With a few simple steps that come printed on the back of the Chain Monkey’s packaging you’ll never find chain adjustment a pain again. Measuring your chain link width, set the Chain Monkey to the specified number and attach it to your chain. Take all the slack out of your chain adjustment and make sure your wheel is aligned correctly. If done correctly you will now find that you have the perfect chain adjustment. With an RRP of £24.99 it’s definitely worth investing in as part of a healthy tool kit. Click here to find out more.

Feel the cold? Here’s one of MotoGusto’s favourite practical products — the Exotogg. Designed to wear under your motorcycle jacket, it’ll keep you warm on even the coldest of days. It’s comfortable, unnoticeable, lightweight and easy-to-pack. Inflating it with your breath, it will start to provide warmth. Perfect for riding in different temperatures and reduces the need to layer-up. Read why it was the best bit of kit that motorcycle adventurer, Duncan Gough, bought in 15 years by clicking here. We have arranged a discount of 10% off and FREE P&P (UK only) for a limited time if you use visit:

Storing your bike outside during the chilly months? A good quality, well-fitting cover is essential for bikes parked outdoors, keeping your motorcycle protected against rain, frost, snow, harmful UV rays (when the sun occasionally shines) and away from prying eyes too. The Gear Gremlin Classic Neon Cover, from The Key Collection, is made from a waterproof, soft and durable polyester with elastic hems for a secure fit. Reinforced side cut-outs are provided to pass a security chain through and the neon yellow section increases visibility on dark roadsides. It comes in three sizes for the perfect fit, from £45.99 including VAT. Visit: for more details.

Also from The Key Collection is the Silencer Bung. It protects your engine and exhaust from water ingress, as well as uninvited guests (rodents, insects, etc). It also comes in handy during washing. The universal ‘comb’ fit is suitable for 2- and 4-stroke pipes, priced at £5.99. Click here for more details.

We hope the above has provided you with some great ideas but if above isn’t enough, visit Riding Time’s website for more top Christmas Gift Ideas!

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