Unlimited Passion: Active Foam Cleaner and Thunderbolt Wipes

by MotoGusto Editor

Active Foam Cleaner and Thunderbolt Wipes Dom Humby gets polishing…

I don’t know about you, but I love going to showrooms and looking at new bikes. They look so clean and crisp without a single spec of dirt on them. When you then look at your own machine with possibly a few knocks and bumps and most likely caked in dirt, it can be depressing. 

I know many of you look after your bikes meticulously but cleaning the bikes is not exactly my favourite way to pass time! Getting all the bits and bobs like a hose pipe and/or pressure washer, sponge, chamois, etc out alongside an ever more varying amount of cleaners to get the job done and make your machine look its best…yeah, I’m not going to lie, I’d rather be riding than cleaning. However, it is necessary and, as if by magic, I was given a new cleaning product.

Unlimited Passion’s Active Foam at £13.99 is a bargain and here’s why. To put this into context, how long do you spend cleaning your machine? 10…20…30 minutes or more? Especially when you have to get into all the tight, hard to reach nooks and crannies of your bike. If it is seems to take an awfully long time, then this cleaner could be for you. It’s simple and straightforward to spray on, wait 30-60 seconds, rinse and buff out with a microfibre cloth or just go straight to buffing. Once this has been done the cleaner deposits an anti-static film coating that repels water and dirt. And even better, you can use it anywhere on your machine. You can also clean your helmet with it! I cleaned my Shark Skwal 2 helmet with Active Foam and and it came up gleaming, as did my 1998 Honda Hornet 600. 

I cannot fault Unlimited Passion’s Active Foam, it’s simple, easy to use and will give you showroom results.

From a possible 30 minutes or more cleaning our much-loved machines, we can shave that down to 20 minutes or less if you’re being super speedy about it. All in all, this means more time riding and enjoying our machines, which for me is a definitely a win. I cannot fault Unlimited Passion’s Active Foam, it’s simple, easy to use and will give you showroom results.

Unlimited Passion’s Thunderbolt Wipes are baby wipes for your bike and kit. They can be used on just about anything. Simply get a wipe and fold it twice in half so you have a small square and four small cleaning cloths, then start cleaning and change the cleaning area of the wipe as it gets dirty. As long the wipe is still wet it will still clean, and as with the Active Foam, you don’t need any water. Once you have done the bit of cleaning you want, simply get the microfibre cloth supplied and buff it out.

You can use these for a quick spruce up of your bike and kit but, in all honesty, there is no reason why you can’t do a fully-fledged strip and clean. Granted it would take a little longer than the average quick spruce up, but the end result would be just as good as the Active Foam and quite possibly better than some other cleaners. 

Before you go ‘hang on, what do you mean a fully-fledged clean with wipes?’, it is possible and no you won’t be using the whole pot of wipes. Depending on how clean your bike is, it can be done in a little as three wipes for a quick spruce up or closer to five for a dirtier machine. 

When it comes to cleaning your helmet, you can use the same technique on the exterior of your helmet and visor with just one wipe. 

I rate these wipes and will continue to use them until something better comes along, if that’s possible. At £32.99 it seems a little on the expensive side, however, for that you get a large quantitiy of wipes and a microfibre cloth for buffing. With that in mind I can totally justify the price as they are just that good.

Watch as it cleans: https://bit.ly/2DpX1eU



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