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by MotoGusto Editor

As a follow on from our informed SP Connect phone mount review in issue 72, our reviewer, o75, put it up against three others for an all-round comparison. Which did he favour?

Mounting smartphones onto the handlebars to offer riders access to music, SatNav, communications and other features has become very popular in recent years. However, a small minority of users have encountered image stabilisation issues with later models of smartphones resulting with the pointing of fingers at the phone mount manufacturers. In reality, frequencies resonating from motorcycle engines and road vibrations were found to be incompatible with the complexed sensitive image stabilisation features found in certain models of phones. Proactively, SP Connect developed an Anti-Vibration Module with Quad Lock releasing its Vibration Dampener. So then, with a new iPhone 11 Pro in my hand which phone mount would I be comfortable and confident using?

In an early vid by RTW Roxy, riding her Fireblade around the world, I recall she used a rubber-based strapped mount, so I bought a similiar one for just £8.99 from Amazon. Oxford Products kindly donated a new Cliqr for review, priced from around £25. We then have Quad Lock (c.£62.90) using the Vibration Dampener (£15.95), and SP Connect (c.£89.95) using the Anti-Vibration Module (£24.95).

The Chinese-made cheapie

Showing a lot of flex, which could help reduce vibration, this mount appears to be a good option for the price. A plastic brace has two protruding teeth to attach to the rubber belt around the handlebar; it mounts in seconds.

The phone can be located into the strapping and then into the locking module. With the four I am reviewing, this is the only one that can rotate through 360º stopping at any angle. Putting it into use, my fear is the rubber strap could, and probably would, perish over time. If it snaps, the phone could disappear in an instant.

In short, it merely does a job for the price, and you can’t ask any more than that, but I would recommend buying an additional durable case.

Oxford Products’ Cliqr

From around £25, the Cliqr is great value if you’re after something practical. The mount is easy to fit and can be fitted in seconds. Two plastic tabs are supplied with extremely strong 3M self-adhesive; use one as a spare or attach it to another device. While the sales material shows it being applied to the back of the phone, I would strongly suggest buying a durable phone cover and sticking the tabs to it instead. 

With a simple click, the tab locks into the mount. The phone can be mounted either in portrait and landscape. A button on the mount releases it with ease. The mount head can’t be angled, limiting the phone’s position, but Oxford Products offer a variety of mounts that may suit your bike better. The mount’s arm does offer sufficient flex which should help to reduce vibrations. Overall, I think this is ideal for around-town riders who need to attach and remove their devices frequently and quickly.

Quad Lock

Quad Lock is a well-designed piece of kit using glass-filled nylon for high rigidity, mechanical strength for a high degree of toughness. It offers a variety of options to suit many motorcycles.

With an Allen hex key, it only takes a few minutes to install. The multiple-mounting configurations of the stem can be adjusted to find the perfect angle for viewing. The protective impact-resistant phone case is inset with four teeth which would secure it to the dual-stage locking mount. It can then be rotated 360º at 90º intervals so can be viewed in portrait and landscape in an instant. The spring-loaded locking mechanism lever releases the phone with ease.

A variety of additional mounting options and accessories are available including ball adaptor, mirror, fork stem mounts as well as wired and wireless charging. For harsh conditions, you can add an extra protective cover. Using Quad Lock attached to its Vibration Dampener, could this be a great accessory for any touring trip?

SP Connect

Another popular mounting system is SP Connect. Made from high-quality aircraft-grade aluminium, it is a very compact package. With an Alley key, it is fitted in just a couple of minutes and can be angled to any position the rider desires. The phone case offers a built-in mechanism which simply locates to the static mount and twists 90º to lock. While the SP Connect is the easiest to mount and remove it can only lock into portrait OR landscape, not both. If in portrait, and prefer landscape, be armed with an Allen key reposition the mount and rotate it 90º.

A ‘stand’ is also supplied which can also correct the phone cover’s locking mechanism if it is found in an incorrect position. 

It is worth noting attachments are available for handlebars, such as those found on BMW’s RT – as such, it’s a favourite with MotoGusto’s editor.

In more extreme condition, an extra protective cover is available. With the anti-vibration device fitted, would I be confident to mount my phone over many miles spent on the road?

Which one did I opt for? Check out my vid to find out. 

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