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by MotoGusto Editor

Sourcing brake system components can be a nightmare. The list is vast and individual parts are often expensive and tricky to find, so make your first stop in your stoppers shopping list with parts and accessories specialist Wemoto. 
Wemoto stock a comprehensive range of quality brake components from a number of leading brands and lists them on-line by model for a huge selection of modern and modern classic machines.
Competitive prices are standard at Wemoto and the range covers road, off-road, racing, trail, commuters and scooters. From individual brake parts to servicing kits, Wemoto has them all.

A vast range of brakes

A vast range of organic, sintered and off-road sintered brake pads from leading brands such as Brenta and EBC are held in stock for quick despatch from Wemoto’s Sussex warehouse. Retaining pins and clips are also available, as are brake shoes for earlier model fitments. A choice of EBC or Kyoto brake discs can also be found in both wavy and standard profiles.
Wemoto brake service kits include master cylinder, caliper and piston repair kits. Complete master cylinders are also available, along with complete calipers, brake caliper mounting bolts and stainless steel pistons which are available by size.
Wemoto brake parts can also provide quick and easy solutions to common problems. A Wemoto combined bleed nipple and banjo bolt for example allows for bleeding to take place at the banjo, when the original bleed nipple has become stuck or broken in the caliper.
Wemoto only stocks braided steel brake lines which resist distortion under pressure and high temperatures, transferring braking power more efficiently under all conditions. You can make your own brake lines or buy a custom made HEL hose.
Wemoto also holds a comprehensive stock of the smaller and rarer brake system parts like shaft boots, piston seals, bleed nipple covers, rubber grease, electrical and hydraulic brake switches to name a few.
Most parts that make up brake service kits can also be purchased individually. A range of brake cleaning and maintenance fluids is available as well as some useful service tools like a brake piston detaching tool and pliers with a safety lock, which make brake caliper mounting an easier and less fiddly job.
Big savings can be made when purchasing Wemoto’s brake components when compared to original equipment prices:
For details of the full Wemoto brake parts range visit

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