Show us yours: Simon’s Moto Guzzi V9

by MotoGusto Editor

Despite the fact that many of us may not know a Guzzi owner, Moto Guzzi is the oldest European manufacturer in continuous motorcycle production since 1921. There must be a reason for this. John Allsopp asks V9 bobber owner Simon Cross to give his reasons for being attracted to the marque.

Why did I choose this bike? Because it looks like a real bike and it excels at cruising along which is just the kind of riding I like. Whilst it has a retro appearance it has just the necessary modern equipment without it being festooned with sensors and fripperies that make modern bikes more like rolling computers than bikes. It’s solid and reassuring, and feels like a machine for a mature man; which incidentally I am!

After a short break from riding I bought a KTM 390. It was a bike I could never ‘gel’ with. It felt nervous over bumps and plasticky. After a very short ‘affair’ I returned to my long term relationship with a Guzzi. (The last bike I had owned before was a V7 Guzzi you may not be surprised to hear). Overall, this bike delivers what I want which is to cruise along enjoying the experience and the scenery on my way.

I’m also keen on making a bike mine by adding touches such as the hand-stitched Luimoto seat, Baak of Lyon flat track style handle bars, Bates headlight, tailight, brushed alloy starter motor and side panels as well as Mistral exhaust.

This bike might be for everyone but that is certainly one of the reasons it’s for me.

Why not show us yours?

To show us yours, simply email us at (subject ‘Show us yours’), with your name and mobile number, and supply us with around 300 words. You could answer, how did you acquire your bike? What’s its history? Why is it unique? Why do you love it? Is it a keeper? Accompany it with a high-resolution wide landscape photo of your bike with a few close up pics for use to choose from, and we’ll select the best to appear in the next magazine issue in print and online and here online too. We will aim to post others on our website so you can then share among your biking buddies.

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