Coming up clean: Clean MyRide

by MotoGusto Editor

Well 2020 is not exactly going according to plan for anyone including Clean MyRide. Their event calendar has more cancelled events and red crosses than a London street during the Great Plague!

Last year Clean MyRide did 109 events, made new friends, met new biking businesses and gained many new customers. As a small company, events are a key part of their strategy to build our network and customer base to demonstrate its bike cleaner to the unconverted. It’s been very successful, at least until Covid19 and lockdown.

Thankfully their online sales have increased so they would just like to say a huge thank you to their customers for their on-going support.

For those that haven’t heard of Clean MyRide, they launched in July 2017 with their 2-in-1 combined bikewash degreaser product. Since then, with the assistance of reviews in our former title, South East Biker (click here, SEB 54) among others, they have had 5-star feedback all the way.

Ideal for removing road muck, traffic film, lubricants, chainfling, grease, oil and brake dust along with exploded bugs during ‘swarm season’. Clean MyRide’s non-caustic, non-streak formula delivers superb results and is safe on all surfaces including paintwork, plastics, carbon, rubber and metals including aluminium, alloys and chrome. It’s also environmentally friendly, biodegradable and contains no harmful solvents!

With a growing number of retailers throughout the country, along with becoming the preferred cleaner of choice for valeters, detailers and franchises such as Harley Davidson and Triumph, Clean MyRide are confident the future holds great prospects as well as a line of future new products in development.

QUOTE: SEB69 for FREE P&P, or call 0203 946 44 44

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