Stop your TFT screen from being stolen

by MotoGusto Editor

There is a worrying trend thieves are now targeting TFT display screens which can be easily removed from unattended motorcycles. Mainly affecting certain BMW models, and costing upwards of £500 to replace, Nippy Normans have produced an anti-theft brace to protect valuable screens from opportunist thieves.

Nippy Normans now offer an anti-theft brace

Made from stainless steel, the Anti-Theft Brace fits neatly around the TFT and bolts to stop it from being removed. It attaches to existing mounting points — no fiddly fitting kits or drilling required. It is powder-coated in black to blend in with the machine’s styling and protect against corrosion.  

As you would expect, it’s precision cut and shaped so as not to obscure any of the information displayed on the TFT. It also features a built-in sun visor to help make the screen easier to read in bright light — often a problem with shiny, reflective TFTs.

TFT Screen Anti-Theft Brace is available for BMWs F850 Adventure, F900 R/XR, S1000 XR (2020-on), R1200GS LC/Adv and R1250GS/Adv. Included are required fixings. Prices start at just £49 (incl. VAT) and available from

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