Barry Sheene And My Part In His Downfall

by MotoGusto Editor

The title of this self-published book by Ian Burgess is a little misleading as while the legendary Barry features throughout, it is more about Suzuki GB at the time that Sheene was riding for them. Ian Kerr MBE reviews Barry Sheene And My Part In His Downfall.

Burgess started as a part-time PR man for the racing club BEMSEE while working for Motorcycle News, before ending up as the PR manager for Suzuki GB and being in charge of racing PR.

Obviously, he was placed to see the side of Sheene that others did not, as well as knowing about the deals that were done at that time in the world of racing. 

In over 200 pages in this soft-bound book, Burgess spills the beans about the industry and racing with a degree of honesty that has been lacking in the past.

I found it a fascinating read, knowing many of the characters mentioned personally, as well as some of the scenarios. Ardent Sheene fans may well find some of the text and views contrary to what they may believe, but one has to accept that the author was part of the industry surrounding him and well placed to make the observations and comments.

Indeed, the book is an interesting read to get an idea of the truth behind the media hype and get an insight into the motorcycle industry and their support of racing during the period covered and all for a modest £11.99.

ISBN: 9781913179830

Available from Amazon Books

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