Stop your motorcycle jacket from riding up

by MotoGusto Editor
(Belt not included)

Are you fed up with your motorcycle jacket riding up your back while riding? Well, you can now connect your motorcycle jacket to your jeans.

From Oxford Products, use this genuine leather Belt Connecter to prevent an uncomfortable gap from forming between the two.

It is compatible with most motorcycle jackets (including all Oxford Products’ jackets) using top quality YKK zip. The belt connector has an elasticated section that allows for movement on the bike without discomfort. The discreet design can simply be left on your belt when not in use.

Simple to use and unobtrusive too

Simply slip your belt and through the belt loops in your riding jeans (or trousers). As you reach the centre point at the back of your jeans, pass the belt through the Oxford Belt Connector and then continue to fasten your belt from the front. The Oxford Belt Connector should remain secured at the rear.

Finally, zip to your motorcycle jacket. And that’s it — you’re good to go! No more pesky jacket riding up!
The Oxford Belt Connector costs £16.99 and available from Oxford Products.

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