Book Review: The Moment Collectors by Sam Manicom and Friends 

by MotoGusto
MotoGusto Book Review Sam Manicom

Title: The Moment Collectors
Author: Sam Manicom and Friends 

It’s not often enough that I get to pick up a dead tree to look at the ink markings scrawled on it these days, but I’m very glad I did on this occasion! 

The Moment Collectors is the perfect anthology for the budding Motorcycle Adventurer with tales from twenty global travellers, combining their wanderlust with our favourite pastime, motorcycling. 

Each author has written about their own experiences and moments whilst travelling overland on their steel horses as part of their journey through life. The adventures, (and there are most definitely adventures!) take place across five continents, and are penned by established and new motorcycle adventure authors alike. 

Each story is written from a different perspective, with different outlooks and different issues to be faced. This is what makes it so unique. You get to read about adventures across Africa, Asia, Europe, South and North America, so none is the same as any other in the book. 

I found this book unputdownable. It really gripped me as we followed our newfound friends on their adventures, never knowing what the next corner would bring, or what would happen to the authors. 

This is a cracking collection of stories, is more than worthy of a Moto Merit and is, quite frankly, one of the best collections of Moto Adventuring stories I have had the pleasure to read.

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Adventurer and author Sam Manicom has been travelling pretty much since his return to the UK from Africa with his parents. He was born in the Belgian Congo where his parents worked and lived through the two rebellions that preceded the change of this West African country’s name to Zaire.

They brought the family home to England when he was ten years old. Sam subsequently travelled using various forms of transport including bicycle, sail, and train, and has hitchhiked in many parts of the world.

Find out more about Sam and check out his writing at:

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