Lomo 3X3 Tarp & Inflatable Camping Mattress review

by MotoGusto
LOMO Tarp and Inflatable Mattress MOTOGUSTO MAGAZINE

I love to be adventurous on my motorcycle, but what does that actually mean?

Is it where you go?

What do you do? 

Or even how you do it?

I’ve always loved the idea of just packing the bike up and disappearing from existence for a while for a short break from society and reality. Bike loaded and setting off with no plan, you hit the open road and pitch up wherever you like. Light begins to fade and it’s time to hunker down for a much-needed night’s rest.

My first encounter with any kind of camping on a motorcycle was at the 2021 ABR Festival (again massive thanks to Will Sandilands for that). My good friend, colleague, and editor John was also there with the Slumit Cub II Tent. Personally, I wanted to take it back to basics. 

Our good friends at Lomo supplied me with two 3×3 metre tarpaulins and an inflatable mattress.  Now I’d never done this before and didn’t even research the best way to do it, how hard could it be right? 

After arriving at Ragley Hall around 19:40 I wasn’t in the mood to be erecting my accommodation for the weekend, let alone figuring out if it would keep me warm and dry. Using my beloved BMW R1150RS as a windbreak I fastened the tarp to the opposite side of the bike and stretched the tarp out in a format that resembled some kind of shelter. Pegged in it was time to fettle and make sure I couldn’t find anywhere water or wind could get in, fettling finished I utilised the second tarp into a groundsheet of sorts and once in position I pegged it in also to create some sort of tube-like shelter. I can see dark clouds ahead…

LOMO Tarp and Inflatable Mattress MOTOGUSTO MAGAZINE
LOMO Tarp and Inflatable Mattress MOTOGUSTO MAGAZINE
LOMO Tarp and Inflatable Mattress MOTOGUSTO MAGAZINE

Time to pray!

Now given the issues with my back over the years, going bareback on the floor was not my idea of sensible so I unpacked the Lomo Inflatable Mattress and began blowing it up. Surprisingly after 10-15 puffs it was up and laid out ready for my sleeping bag, one quick test and WOW! It was exceedingly comfortable for something so small compared to other inflatable options and I wasn’t touching the floor at all. Sleeping bag out, myself and John set out for some much-needed grub, beer and social activities. 

When deciding to venture back from the evening’s festivities, the heavens opened and an almighty downpour began. My heart began to sink, no I hadn’t born witness to my accommodation floating down the river Avon but I was concerned about my own abilities in creating sufficient shelter. I clambered into my makeshift moto-home to find that not only was everything still there and not floating down some tributary but it was bone dry and considerably warmer than I anticipated. I still had a layer of clothes on but I imagined I’d need an Eskimo suit. 

After a very comfortable night sleep, I awoke refreshed, cosy, dry and decaffeinated. Fast forward to the next evening and whoopsy! One too many….almost.

Now after a night of way too many beers and someone handing you shots of rum, I mostly enjoy laying in bed and not moving one bit. Thankfully I was once again pleasantly surprised that my Lomo mattress performed beyond what I had expected and I arose hungover but albeit comfortable and coherent. Both tarps had also done their job well as it had rained quite heavily in the night and I was still very much dry. 

I can honestly say I recommend getting hold of some Lomo Tarpaulins and a Lomo Inflatable Mattress.

For a no-nonsense, easy-to-carry option of moto-camping, they’re lightweight and very small when packed down, combine this with incredible value for money and you can’t go wrong. If you’re wanting to go back to basics and not carry a tent, but instead want the simplicity of making shelter I can’t recommend the Lomo kit enough.

A full 10/10 MotoMerit from me for both the tarpaulins and the inflatable mattress. Both performed very well and did their jobs to a degree beyond what I expected. 

Big thanks to Robb at Lomo for supplying them. 👍

LOMO Tarp and Inflatable Mattress MOTOGUSTO MAGAZINE
LOMO Tarp and Inflatable Mattress MOTOGUSTO MAGAZINE
LOMO Tarp and Inflatable Mattress MOTOGUSTO MAGAZINE

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