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by MotoGusto Editor

Welcome relief for commuters, touring, and adventure riders is available from ComfortAir Seat Cushions which use medically-proven technology to help alleviate back pain, dampen vibration and reduce painful pressure points.

Using air floatation technology, ComfortAir Cushions use pockets of air — easily inflated by mouth — to distribute the rider’s weight evenly over the seat area. 

The strategically shaped network of interconnected air cells instantly shifts pressure from one area of the seat to another, resulting in a comfortable cushion of air. It protects the rider against shocks, dampens vibration, helps blood circulation and stops the awful “numb-bum” feeling often suffered by long-distance riders. 

Easily inflated by mouth.

Space between the air cells is shaped to encourage airflow, cooling the cells and reducing temperature across the seat, preventing uncomfortable hot-spots. 

Four different styles of cushion are available, covering the commonly found shapes of seat found on sports, touring and naked motorcycles, adventure sport bikes, cruisers and bobbers, as well as pillion pads. 

The cushion’s shape is tailored to the rider’s seated position. On a sportsbike, more pressure would be applied to the front area. In comparison, a cruiser’s feet-forward design often exerts more pressure towards the rear of the seat. 

ComfortAir cushions attach to the bike with an adaptive system, which fastens beneath the seat so is secured against theft, with a non-slip base to keep it firmly in position. Soft fabric flaps sit over the top of each strap, protecting the inside of the legs. Once in place, the cushion can be inflated quickly and easily or deflated, allowing the rider to find the right level of flotation for day-long comfort. 

Prices for ComfortAir Seat Cushions start from just £65 inc VAT. and are covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

For the complete range visit: comfortair-moto.co.uk

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