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by MotoGusto Editor

The bike cleaning product company that bought you CleanMyRide have introduced two new products under the banner of Clear MyVision; a Rain Repellant coating for the visor exterior, and an Anti-Fog coating for the interior. With an application time of less than half an hour, they really are a no brainer.

To use, simply clean your visor thoroughly, dry, then apply coatings in small circular motions across the surface. Spray the Rain Repellant on to a clean lint-free cloth and use a few drops on a paper towel for the Anti-Fog. The Anti-Fog coating needs no further attention, and the Rain Repellant just needs to be buffed out; et voilà, it’s done. You can now refit your visor and be sure that you will always have clear vision when riding.

You may well already have an anti-fog system in place, such as Pinlock. The Anti-Fog coating can be still used, as I have done with one of my helmets. I have a Scorpion Exo Combat which isn’t Pinlock-ready, so these solutions are perfect for that helmet. Having treated both visors on my Shark Skwal 2 and Scorpion Exo Combat, the solutions work exactly as intended.

The Water Repellent coating perform flawlessly. I found that I had to use my Visorcat less, and that means my hand stays where it should be – on the handlebar, not wiping my visor. It performs well at all speeds, allowing you to spend more time concentrating on riding and less time trying to maintain your vision.

In the UK, we see our fair share of fluctuating weather and these products are a real help in maintaining clear vision in varying conditions.

In my opinion, they are an absolute bargain. So far I’ve coated my visor three times in three months but also applied it on my screen as well.

Both the Water Repellent and Anti-fog coatings get a five stars. Straight forward, easy to use, and a very affordable at £6 per 50ml bottle.

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