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MotoGusto Magazine Bering Jacket Review

How is Dom Humby ‘bering’ up through the winter months with this latest laminated kit?

All season kit come in all shapes, sizes and prices and this can make it quite difficult to know what to expect from the higher-priced kit.  

Bikerheadz sent us the brand new Hurricane Gore-Tex Laminate jacket and trousers from French brand ‘Bering’.  We were very excited to see its capabilities in the harsher winter conditions. 

Straight off the mark, I can say this kit repels water faster than Moses parting the Red Sea. The combination of Gortex and a laminate outer construction gives impeccable performance and increased breathability (up to 25% more than standard Gore Tex). In the colder temperatures, more breathability means getting colder.  Bering has included a removable ShellTech drop-liner which performs well in low temperatures although a heated mid layer will keep you more comfortable. 

Keeping dry and warm

Having used this kit all winter in the cold and stormy weather ranging from sub-zero conditions through to wet and windy, I’ve always been kept dry and warm. However, it is inevitable that water will find its way in somewhere. Unfortunately, in this case, I have experienced this issue with the collar.  This has a sliding popper to secure and adjust the collar to suit your neck size and, this would have worked well if the sliding system stayed in place. Since it didn’t, air and water can find their way around the neck and down your torso in heavy downpours. This could be avoided with a stiffer slide on the popper or a different system to adjust the collar. 

MotoGusto Magazine Bering Jacket ReviewAdjust to fit

For other adjustments the jacket offers two straps on each arm, adjustable waist straps with the addition of a vertical adjustment, two zips to extend the hem of the jacket and a drawstring to tighten it up. All this combined with adjustable OMEGA armour in the shoulders, elbows and a  back protector pocket means a comfortable fit with a true to size fit. The wrist closures consist of zip and two poppers for different sizes which do cater for most gloves but I did find getting a sure seal around the wrist to be an issue and I couldn’t get it tight enough on small cuffed gloves. 

All season comfort

Bering has included an innovation for air circulation in the PulseAir system.  The laminate Gore Tex construction eliminates drop liners which means in warmer temperatures you get unimpeded air flow.  Being as well equipped for the elements as these jackets means you also get lots of storage options, including four front external pockets, a zip pocket behind the storm flap, two internal pockets one of which is on the thermal liner and a map pocket at the rear.

Throughout the  winter season, I can say Bering is knocking a few of the other players out as my  jacket of choice. I’m giving them 8/10 for the collar adjustment and wrist closure issues. With these being changed or improved Bering would have the perfect jacket. 

And now we move on to the trousers that make up the Hurricane suit. You  get a connection zip for the jacket that goes about three-quarters of the way around your waist so it’s very secure and keeps everything in place. 

MotoGusto Magazine Bering Trouser ReviewAlso included is the PulseAir system with vents situated to the front and rear of the quadriceps area. The same ShellTech drop liner in the jacket is used in the trousers as well but the need for a heated layer to stay warmer isn’t required if you are using one in the jacket. 

Fit and finish

The fit of the trousers is good in the leg, being a 32” inside leg the size M fitted perfectly in length with bootstraps to help prevent any bunching up. There is adjustable OMEGA armour in the knees and hips as is with all the armour in the jackets. 

There is waist adjustment also, however, the sizing for the waist is true to fit but doesn’t offer any adjustment upwards. Only downwards! This means if your weight does fluctuate then you may find that they become a little uncomfortable. Two small pockets are situated on each leg at the top below the waistband. A great little feature is an adjustable leg length by way of an internal velcro turn up system. 

In conclusion

A solid 9/10 for the trousers with the deduction of one point for the adjustment issue I had with the waistband.

This means that Bering is incredibly close to having the perfect trouser and jacket combo but falls short on some small technical areas that should be easy to improve. A great 8/10 total mark for the Hurricane GTX Laminate jacket and trousers means a MotoMerit is within reach. 

Well done Bering for producing some amazing kit and a massive thank you to Bikerheadz for supplying this review item. 


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The Bering Hurricane GTX Laminate Jacket retails at £599 with the Bering Hurricane GTX Laminate Trouser retailing at £499.

You can view the Hurricane GTX Laminate Jacket and shop online at:

You can view the Hurricane GTX Laminate Trousers and shop online at:

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