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Our man about town, Dom Humby, recently had the pleasure of spending a few minutes out of the schedule of one of motorcycling’s busiest people. Thousands of Vanessa Ruck’s followers know her as “The Girl On A Bike”. She began her journey as a motorcyclist in the Bahamas. Something I envy!

Before Vanessa could ride around the island with her spear in tow (for fishing, not throwing at people), her imported Chinese motorcycle needed to be assembled on arrival! Thanks to a local mechanic, she struck a deal and was soon on her way.

The accident

When Vanessa returned to the UK, motorcycles became a fond memory. In 2014, while riding her pushbike to work, a car jumped a red light causing her to crash damaging her right shoulder and hip. Unfortunately, dismissed as bruising, later turned out to be a lot more serious resulting in several operations over the years. After Vanessa’s accident, the realisation of a motorcycle was a missing element in her life was taking hold. As soon as she was able, she bought a Suzuki Bandit 600.

After riding for some time, Vanessa organised a day out with two Harley Davidsons as a belated anniversary present after her husband returned from military service overseas. By the end of the day, it was unanimous that is was better to cruise on the Harley than the Bandit. They bought one and named it ‘Thug’. Vanessa warmly describes it as ‘a sofa on wheels.’

Light and the end of the tunnel

Vanessa’s accident helped to forge an unyielding passion for motorcycles. For many, surgeries would deter a lot of people from pursuing a life of extreme sports and getting out and muddy on two wheels. Still, Vanessa’s mindset of a long tunnel with a light at the end has enabled her to overcome any physical or mental setbacks.

“…with time and patience, I knew I would get back to riding — only I had the power to make it happen, and hard work pays off!

Vanessa Ruck aka The Girl On A Bike

Combining her passion for the outdoors and motorcycling, Vanessa has competed in some UK enduro races and trials riding. At this point, I’m wondering what could be next for Vanessa; there are no signs of slowing down on the horizon. A loan bike from Super Soco will soon be arriving; it will make an exciting watch for anyone looking at the electric motorcycle market.  

The long road to recovery

Throughout Vanessa’s recovery, a couple of areas of her body undergone reconstruction several times. The physical and mental strain and hardship it brings are phenomenal and, out of this, ‘The Girl On A Bike’ was born!

Never looking back, she focuses on enjoying daily life to the fullest. Vanessa has become a real inspiration to me and many others. If you don’t already, make sure get onto her website and social media accounts. Read her story in full and witness Vanessa’s incredible determination and self-belief.

The whole team at MotoGusto and I would like to thank Vanessa for taking the time to chat. I, for one, as many others do, will be following her inspirational journey.

Vanessa, The Girl On A Bike, can be found on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and

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