These new lids from RUROC are no Joke.

by MotoGusto
Moto Gusto Ruroc Helmets DC Comics

Is it time for some Dark (K)Night action with this new Ruroc DC Collaboration?

You have most likely heard of Ruroc, a helmet brand that over the most recent years has taken the market by storm with its unique designs combined with very cool and sleek looks to provide an outstanding helmet.

Nothing will compare to their latest drop though…

Batman VS The Joker!

Working in collaboration with the DC Comics Universe, Ruroc has produced some truly outstanding helmets that we believe capture the essence of Gotham’s Dark Knight, Batman, and his arch nemeses The Joker.

As you can see by the teaser below, both Ruroc and DC haven’t held back. The matt black stealth focused colour combined with the orange accents give the feeling of throwing on your cape and battling the scourge of Gotham’s underbelly while The Jokers sneering and malicious smile only give hint to something devious occurring, a perfect combination for motorcyclists to complete their desired look when riding. 

Are you ready? The official Batman & Joker collaboration with DC will go live on the 20th of August!

Being based on the Atlas 3.0 means that you not only get the look and feel of being Batman or The Joker, but the safety of Batman’s armour or The Jokers Gang to protect you when riding (no I’m not saying you’ll become a gang member by getting this helmet), you will, however, get Ruroc’s features carried over from the Atlas 3.0 that includes:

– Aerospace-grade T300 Carbon Fibre Shell

– Helmet weight: 1.4 – 1.6 kg (+/-50g)

– Safety certified to ECE 22:05 DOT FMVSS218 approved standards

– Premium comfort liner and cheek-pads

– Streamlined cover-less visor & mechanism

– 4 visor positions from closed, now including a “cracked” de-mist position

– New Visor lock – fully integrated with no impact on sealing

– One of the largest field-of-views on the market

– Re-engineered seal for minimal water and wind ingress

– Easy-to-use Fidlock® magnetic chin strap buckle

– Emergency release cheek padding

– Pinlock® anti-fogging visor insert ready

– Shockwave™ Bluetooth in-helmet audio system compatible. 


Look out for a serious full and thorough testing… The team at MotoGusto will be getting hold of one of these absolutely incredible looking helmets for a full review in the coming issues.

This just leaves us to say “HOLY COW!” – and give a massive shout out to the team at Ruroc for creating such a masterpiece in helmet form!

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