MetroVac makes bike drying a blast

by MotoGusto Editor

Robust, powerful and with a five-year guarantee, the MetroVac SK-1 Sidekick Motorcycle Dryer makes motorcycle cleaning a blast.

Made in the USA and built to last, the SK-1 Sidekick features all-steel construction, yet it only weighs around 1.3kg. The low weight and compact design doesn’t mean the user has to compromise on performance — inside, there’s a 950-watt 1.3 HP single fan motor, capable of delivering a peak airflow of 14,460 litres a minute.

That power means the Sidekick can dry a washed or rain-soaked bike quickly and effectively, reducing the risk of water spotting and corrosion on paint and brightwork and helping to get the moisture out of areas unreachable with a chamois or other drying cloth.

Since there’s no need to touch the bike with drying cloths, it significantly reduces the risk of accidental scratching and scuff damage. 

Designed for one-handed operation, users can direct the jet/airflow wherever it’s needed in an instant. There’s a wide ‘air flare’ nozzle for drying larger sections like bodywork, and a precision non-scratch blower nozzle for intricate areas, allowing thorough drying.

The MetroVac SK-1 Sidekick Motorcycle Dryer is available from at an introductory price of £119 (usually £149).

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