Sena launch two new low-profile headsets

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Sena Technologies has introduced two updated versions of the entry-level 3S headsets for motorcycle and scooter helmets. Available with Bluetooth 4.1, to deliver HD Intercom, the two new 3S PLUS versions have enhanced range, plus voice prompts and smart intercom pairing using the Sena Utility App.

The 3S PLUS Boom has a sleek design, with controls on the microphone for ease of use on open-face helmets, while the 3S PLUS Universal has an external control unit that attaches to the helmet’s shell and can be installed on both full-face and open face-helmets.

3S PLUS Universal’s slimline buttons

Both versions have two-button control to operate the various functions of the headset. The range for two-way HD intercom is increased to 400 metres (approximately a quarter of a mile), with Advanced Noise Control to filter out wind and background noise, for crystal clear conversation. The 3S PLUS headsets also support smartphone connectivity, which allows users to pair a phone in order to listen to GPS directions, take phone calls, or stream music.

Sena 3S PLUS Boom

3S PLUS Boom: Built for open-face helmets, the two-button control for the 3S Plus Boom is seamlessly incorporated into the boom mic, eliminating the need to attach any external elements to the helmet shell. And with it’s unified speaker construction, installing the 3S Plus is quick and easy. 

Sena 3S PLUS Universal

3S PLUS Universal: With a larger, external two-button control, the 3S PLUS Universal attaches to the helmet’s shell for easy control access and a minimalist look. In order to assure the best fit, the 3S PLUS Universal comes with two wired microphone extensions — standard and boom types.

Watch now…SENA’s 3S PLUS


For added convenience, the Sena Utility App allows users to easily configure their Sena device, changing feature settings, accessing the Quick Start Guide, and more. It includes Smart Intercom Pairing, which is an easy way to link with a riding partner by scanning a QR code.


Both the 3S PLUS Boom and 3S PLUS Universal are available now for £99 (incl. VAT). Visit to find your local stockist.

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