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I was invited by the English Electric Motor Company (EEMC) to the launch of the new Energica Eva Rabelle held at Gridserve HQ in Great Notley.

Interestingly, Energica has been selected by Dorna to be the single manufacturer for the FIM Enel MotoE World Cup until 2022.

There are three models– the Ego which has 215 Nm – 159 lb-ft of torque originally launched in 2013 and described as the highest performing electric motorcycle in the world for road, race, or in between. Prices start from £21,190.

The EVA EsseEsse9 delivers 180 Nm – 133 lb-ft of torque and is described by Energica as the world’s first “classic” retro-styled electric motorcycle and is designed for touring and two up riding. Prices start from £17,690.

The model which I rode was the EVA Ribelle, the naked version of the EGO. Side panniers, windshield and a tank bag are available for this model making it ideal for touring and is, according to Energica, the only electric naked bike with DC Fast Charge which means it could charge up in about 40 minutes! Prices start from £25,190.

When I first saw the Eva, it was not obvious that it was an electric bike. I could immediately tell from its styling that it was Italian, I thought the red exposed frame reminded me immediately of a Ducati and I was impressed by how much attention had gone into the styling of the bike.

The Eva weighs in at 260kg, 120kg of which is the weight of the battery! I got on the bike, switched it on and set off. One of the weirdest things for me was realizing that I was moving along but with a lack of noise. I also had to get used to my left foot and hand not doing anything!

As I exited a roundabout on a dual carriageway I opened the bike up. WOW! The acceleration is phenomenal. I looked down and I was already doing 80mph! The Eva was so smooth to ride and the acceleration was seamless.

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by how easy to ride the Eva was and I was really taken with the styling. Performance is clearly on par with larger engine petrol bikes and the handling was great.

However, I do have reservations however on the whole electric bike/vehicle concept.

Energica Eva Rabelle_Motogusto
Energica Eva Rabelle_Motogusto

Average mileage

The average mileage you could expect to get from one full charge of the battery would be about 150 miles and, if you can find a DC fast charging point you can be going again in 40 minutes. However, if you can’t find a DC fast charge then at an AC slow charging point you’re looking at 5-6hrs.

With progressive riding this could last as little as 70 miles.

So the problem now is that in the real world at 40 to 50 miles I will now be looking for a charging point before it gets too low and I start panicking.

You will need to plan your route to take account of charging stations on the way and allow stopping time for recharging. I kept looking down to look at how much charge was left on the bike. 

I am not ready to take the plunge until manufacturers can sort out the weight and the range of the batteries and the availability of charging points.

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