REVIEWED: Schuberth C5 Helmet

by MotoGusto
MotoGusto Helmet Review Schuberth C5

Having upgraded from my trusty E1 (a C3 with added vents and a peak) I wasn’t sure what to expect considering the amazing review our editor did on the C4. 

Could they make it better?

In a nutshell – a better ventilation system, improved visor closure,  a customisable liner for any head shape and size plus, optional integrated comms. 

The visor sports the same diamond-shaped molds commonly used by others, however, these have been refined more to reduce possible helmet shake. The rear spoiler has also gone under the microscope and been redesigned to create a more substantial negative airspace for increased stability.

Ventilation is a key feature. The previous C4 had relatively poor airflow.  The C5 has a simple slide mechanism chin vent and a redesigned visor vent plus a slide mechanism vent on the top of the helmet and exhaust vents on the rear spoiler greatly improve air flow inside the helmet. (The vents have replaceable filters in them too)! 

The flip-up modular design- A completely new mechanism for the chin bar closure is silky smooth. There is also an improved opening button that can be used with ease in any weight glove. Once in the upright position you have the option to lock out the chin bar which is perfect for those days cruising around the Mediterranean. (Note- the manual doesn’t advise this). Locking out of the chin bar is done by a small  red switch that is  very easy to use.

Two locking pins on either side of the chin bar closure provide a near impossible-to-break closure without compromising comfort.  This is added to with an adjustable wind skirt on the base of the chin vent in the form of a Velcro pad. The memory close visor is something that intrigued me. It is something of beauty and yet so simple. 

Put the visor where you want it and it’ll stay there, regardless of opening the chin mount all the way or not.l. The visor comes with a pinlock 120max vision insert, I’ve mentioned this because the locking insert pins are so easily adjusted, pop them out halfway and use something flat to rotate the pins to the correct adjustment, something made easier by directional arrows on the exterior of the pins.

A new visor closure mechanism has been introduced as well, instead of a larger clip-in located at the front base of the visor a redesigned smaller two clip-in system has been introduced on either side of the visor base plates. Coupled with improved closure seals all around, the leaks reported on previous models are a thing of the past hopefully.

MotoGusto Helmet Review Schuberth C5
MotoGusto Helmet Review Schuberth C5

The visor base plates have been improved to encompass a smoother and easier release for the visor. The internal sun visor  gives you two levels at which the sun visor can be dropped down depending on preference. 

Integrated comms are becoming more popular.). The Schuberth C5 comes ready for the SC2 (a Sena 50s) to be installed. With the C5 The speakers are pre-installed.  (These are removable if you prefer a different unit).  The main body and battery sit in a specific slot to the rear of the helmet at the base and the mic has its jack plug with an additional slot next to the sun visor mechanism for the control module.


The C5 enables you to customise the liner to fit your head perfectly using a selection of different pads. The liner itself is fairly stiff but still plush out of the box.. A series of velcro closures and pop fittings ensure the liner stays put. The wind skirt slots over the straps and helps keep wind noise to a minimum. 

The helmet itself has been aerodynamically and aero acoustically designed to give the lowest wind resistance and has quite possibly produced the quietest modular helmet to date. Having the EC2206 certification puts it at the top of the playing field for safety regulations. 

After this initial review of 2000 miles, the C5 has earned  a Moto merit and gets 10/10 from us .

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The SCHUBERTH C5 is the new state-of-the-art of the SCHUBERTH flip-up collection and the first helmet featuring the P/J homologation and approved according to the new ECE-R 22.06 regulation.

👇 Many thanks to the guys at Bikerheadz for supplying the C5 for review.

Solid £499
Colour £599


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