Using the latest evolution of Dainese‘s D-air® technology, Ducati has launched a sleeveless vest equipped with an airbag for every motorcyclist’s safety.

Ducati is continuing its commitment to motorcyclists’ safety reflected in the adoption of devices available on the market. In addition to developing active safety systems on its motorcycles, and the promotion of responsible riding courses, Ducati is also paying great attention to clothing. 

Ducati Smart Jacket guarantees a high level of safety compared to the applicable standards, thanks to the research and technology used in MotoGP riders’ racing leathers. The result is a versatile vest, suitable for every motorcyclist and for all types of road use, with versions available for both men and women. It can be worn over or under any motorcycle jacket, without requiring connection to the motorcycle.

The vest’s operation is regulated by the electronic control unit, which analyses the data 1,000 times per second. In cases of intended engagement*, the electronic control unit detects autonomously dangerous situations such as sliding, high-siding of a rider, rear-end collision, impact with another object or stopped-vehicle impact activating the rider’s protection system.

Thanks to the vest structure with internal micro-filaments patented by Dainese, the airbag bag inflates in a uniform and controlled way along the entire surface, creating a shield that wraps around the body and guarantees the protection of the declared protective areas. The bag offers protection equates to seven level-one back protectors, without having any rigid protector inside.

Light and practical

Ducati Smart Jacket is an extremely light and practical garment — once you get off the bike, it can be easily folded and stored in a side bag or backpack. It has a 26-hour battery life and, when discharged, can be conveniently recharged via any USB socket. 

Another technological innovation introduced by Dainese allows the protective bag on the chest to be folded to occupy a smaller area, allowing the passage of air through the vest’s fabric.

Ducati Smart Jacket can be purchased, together with the entire 2021 Ducati Apparel collection, in dealers worldwide. 

Before using this safety device, it is necessary to register it and activate the system. The procedure can be completed at the dealer where the garment is purchased, or online here.

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  • * Warning: before purchasing and using Ducati Smart Jacket, the user must carefully read the instructions and warnings indicated in the manual, operating characteristics, and protective performance.

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