Tracking the thieves with a subscription free moto tracker from Pégase.

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MotoGusto Pegase Tracker

For a long time motorcycle theft has been the plague of our world. It only takes a thief a few seconds to steal your bike, two men, a van and just like that your pride and joy has gone. 

Into the world of illicit activities or butchery. Of late, these b******s have become more brazen and will now use all kinds of tactics from throwing acid at unsuspecting riders at traffic lights to quite literally daylight robbery with power tools. In the interest of safety, we’d recommend not confronting them! 

This leads us on to the use of Motorcycle Trackers and in particular the Pégase Moto Tracker. This subscription-free tracker offers a high chance in the real world of finding your bike should it be taken, plus it’ll tell you when issues arise with its suspicious activity notifications in the form of texts, emails and app notifications. So you can be fully aware if someone is doing something they shouldn’t do to your bike. 

So what does subscription-free actually mean?
It means that once you have paid the initial outlay for the system, there is no monthly fee to keep using it. There’s a one-off cost and that’s it! Using the 2G network for the best international coverage. Personally to me, that’s a no brainer as eventually, it pays for itself in peace of mind alone. 

Installation is simple and straightforward, just attach the tracker to your battery (follow the instructions please but it’s only two clearly marked cables), and fix the tracker somewhere suitable on your bike. 

Then download the app and follow the setup procedure. 10 minutes later and you’re done! For a total of perhaps 20 minutes including installation on most machines (mine took a little longer as my battery is under my tank) you now have full tracking capability in the palm of your hands. 

MotoGusto Pegase Tracker
MotoGusto Pegase Tracker

There’s no risk of damage to your bike when installed, there are separate versions for the standard acid/gel or lithium batteries and all trackers have an anti-discharge function (this lasts four years but will make the tracker inactive after 30 days until you start your bike again). That being said it’s perfectly safe to keep your bike charging whilst in storage so the tracker need not ever be switched off. 

MotoGusto Pegase Tracker
Ease of use

Using the Pégase App on your mobile device is easy, you can lock and disable the tracker, track and share your rides, track your speed (lowest, highest and average), and for you track day riders you can even track your lean angle too.
If your bike is a victim of abduction you will be able to follow your tracker’s directions to the location of your bike, handy if you’re in pursuit and can guide the Police service en route. If you have multiple machines then you can have multiple trackers all synced to one account and manage them all from one place individually. You’ll also be able to follow your maintenance schedule from the app once the profile is complete. Support is also available directly from the app taking no more than three minutes using a Typeform system. 

For me the only thing missing is the use of geofencing, this is available on other tracker systems. However, these are subscription-based. Working in over 100 countries worldwide Pégase have really gone all out with their system, if your country isn’t on the list simply contact them and they’ll find a solution for you. 

A solid 10/10 MotoMerit from us here at MotoGusto and a hearty well done to the team at @PégaseMoto. 

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Pégase Motorcycle Tracker

Price: £270 with no subscription fees for life. 

Includes: Two-year warranty

Easy to install

Waterproof – IP 54

Compact – 3,15×1,6 inch

Automatic wake-up

Unobtrusive on the bike

Made in Europe

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