Universal dual USB sockets

by MotoGusto Editor

Following the success of their Dual USB sockets, Nippy Normans now offer two universal versions for a quick and easy DIY fit. With more bikers relying on smartphones and other devices for turn-by-turn navigation, communication, web connectivity, video recording, photos and music, on-bike USB charging is fast becoming essential. 

Based on Nippy Normans’ popular BMW-specific versions, the new sockets offer the facility to power multiple devices on the move without resorting to fiddly and often unreliable adapters. 

Two versions are available: a Panel Mount, which can be fitted in place of a cigarette lighter socket or in a convenient panel; and a Handlebar Mount, which comes with a sturdy bracket. Both sockets have been specifically designed to be fitted at home, using basic tools and common sense.

Each one comes with simple wiring already attached — a fused live and earth — for direct attachment to the bike’s battery or wiring loom. The socket itself then clips onto the wiring via a built-in connector. Both ports are weatherproof when in use — specially designed rubber membranes seal around the USB plug when it is inserted, protecting it against dust, dirt and moisture. When not in use, separate rubber caps — easily opened whilst wearing gloves — pop over the top of each port. 

The Sockets have an output of 5 volts, so they are compatible with most smartphones, sat-navs and tablets, with Intelligent device recognition to detect Apple and Android devices. Protection from output overvoltage, overheating, and short-circuit is built-in for complete peace of mind. Each port also has a current limiter (2.3 Amps for Port 1 and 1.0 Amps for Port 2). 

The Panel Mount socket retails at £39 incl. VAT; the Handlebar Mount version costs £44 incl. VAT. 


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