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by MotoGusto Editor

With the winter riding season upon us, Keis has added new Jacket, Vest and Ladies Bodywarmer options to its range. The Jacket, Vest and Ladies Bodywarmer all feature the same, trusted heating technology, but with a new look — classic black with subtle red piping highlights — designed in response customer feedback.  

Autumn and Winter weather is becoming increasingly erratic and difficult to forecast. Sudden drops in temperature, or unexpected wind and rain can and does catch many riders unaware, leaving them vulnerable to the effects — and as all riders know, when you start to feel the cold on a motorcycle, it can be too late to do anything about it. 

Lightweight, breathable and featuring Far Infrared heating technology, Keis heated clothing brings comfort and controllable warmth to any ride — stopping the wearer from getting cold in the first place.  

Designed specifically for motorcyclists, Keis Jackets, Vests and Bodywarmers sit comfortably underneath close-fitting riding kit, and enable the wearer to react to any drop in temperature instantly. 

Heating is provided by Micro Carbon Fibre panels, which deliver an even spread of warmth. Carbon panels are not only thinner and more flexible than traditional wired elements, they’re also more reliable – Keis covers them with a lifetime warranty for complete peace of mind.

The Jacket is powered by the motorcycle’s 12V battery — either directly or via the Keis Cigarette Lighter/DIN Power Supply Lead (available as an optional accessory). The Vest and Ladies Bodywarmer are Dual-Power compatible and can be powered by the motorcycle or from an optional Keis Li-Ion rechargeable portable battery pack (sold as an optional extra), giving the flexibility to wear for a variety of outdoor activities.

All three garments are made from lightweight and breathable soft shell fabric, and have elasticated panels, giving a snug fit that allows the rider to move around unhindered.

There are also ‘leisure’ pockets – for mobile, wallet and other essentials — and dedicated zipped pockets for cables and optional heat controller, to keep things organised and easy to find.

Premium Heated Jacket (J501 PR) – RRP £199

  • Micro Carbon Fibre heat pads at chest, back, arms and collar
  • Designed to be powered directly from motorcycle battery
  • Current Draw 5.5A. Typical Power 66W

Premium Heated Vest (V501 RP) – RRP £140

  • Micro Carbon Fibre heat pads at chest and back
  • Dual-Power: via vehicle battery or Keis portable battery pack
  • Current Draw 1.5A.  Typical Power 18W.

B501 WRP Ladies Heated Bodywarmer (B501 WRP) – RRP £155

  • Tailored for a snug and flattering fit 
  • Micro Carbon Fibre heat pads at chest, back, arms and collar
  • Dual-Power: via vehicle battery or Keis portable battery pack
  • Current Draw 1.2A.  Typical Power 14.4W

Visit keisapparel.com to see the full range of Keis heated clothing.

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