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by MotoGusto Editor

Annie, from Freestyle Training, fills us in on this popular motorcycle sport and how Freestyle can get you started…

Enduro often gets mixed-up with motocross, where participants repeatedly ride laps around an oval dirt track, over jumps and around berms. By contrast, enduro covers a wider area and more varied terrain; through woodlands, streams, and across open fields, with a typical enduro course of several miles encompassing ascents and descents, and traversing obstacles such as logs, as well as coping with the steep berms and deep ruts you’d find on a typical motocross track.

It’s less about out-and-out speed, and more focused upon the maintenance of flowing riding, no matter the challenges encountered.

Ninety-nine percent of our customers are road riders looking to make the transition from tarmac to trail. Learning to ride enduro can be a great skill enhancement to your road riding, delivering excellent balance and control, even in sketchy conditions.

Freestyle Training’s bespoke enduro days are designed to work with your current ability to give you a solid grounding in the principles of off-road; building confidence and polishing technique to make your riding effortless and enjoyable. 

What can I expect from  my training day?

As a beginner to off-road, have you ever thought about how you get on and off a bike, and why you do it the way you do?

Ever ridden standing up on the footpegs? It’s definitely a less bumpy way to travel off-road, and gives you long-range vision of upcoming hazards approaching at speed.

Ever locked-up the back wheel and deliberately slid your bike? Know how to find and keep maximum grip in tricky ground conditions? Understand how to use your body weight to your advantage when you corner? And exactly how do you loft the front wheel to get over a log or across a deep trench?

Freestyle Training can introduce you to all of these concepts and many more, across single or multiple 1:1 training sessions. We progress you according to ability. We’ll never push you to do something you’re not ready to, but we’ll encourage you to try if we believe you can do it, you’ll surprise yourself!

Even if you’re an experienced motorcyclist, the instructor will take you right back to basics, to literally assess your riding from the ground up, tweaking techniques and sharpening skill. You may have picked up a lot of bad habits over the years, which are hampering your riding progression. We won’t change the way you ride, everyone has a different style, but we’ll get you thinking about your approach to riding challenges, and what you can do to overcome issues with which you perennially struggle, such as jumping logs or smoothly dealing with deep ruts.

We can also offer small group sessions (up to a maximum of six riders with one instructor), so friends or family can ride together, and share the fun, the photos, and the stories! 

Do I need my own bike and kit?

No. You can either ride your own off-road bike, or rent a bike and suitable protective kit from us. You don’t need any previous motorcycling experience to enjoy a day with Freestyle Training, but it is beneficial if you have ridden a geared motorcycle before. 

You don’t even need to hold a valid motorcycle licence, as all our training takes place on private land in East Sussex (you don’t ride on public roads or green lanes during a training day).

We operate year-round, weather and ground conditions permitting, and offer weekend or weekday training.

Whether you’re practising for an event, preparing for a trip, or starting from scratch, you can benefit from a whole day with the undivided attention of an ACU-qualified instructor to assess, encourage, and advise you, ensuring you receive unrivalled value from your session.

 To find out more, visit our website at www.freestyletraining.net, or email us: office@freestyletraining.net

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