Skidmarx go higher on the Himalayan

by MotoGusto Editor

Skidmarx Himalayan Tall screen provides extra protection from wind and rain for riders of Royal Enfield’s popular adventure sport bike.

Manufactured in the UK, the screen is 80mm taller than standard and is made from 4mm cast acrylic, which gives it extra rigidity. However, it is actually 10mm narrower than the original, to allow the handlebars to be turned to full lock with the optional factory handguards fitted.

Skidmarx design their road bike screens to fit directly onto existing mounting points, using original fasteners, so it’s simply a matter of removing the factory-fitted screen and replacing it with the new one.

Himalayan Tall screens are available in clear and light or dark tints, selling for £69.95 including VAT.

Replacement standard size screens, also in clear and light or dark tints, cost £69.95.

Call Skidmarx on 01305 780808 or visit for details.

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