Product review: Held Air N Dry Glove

by MotoGusto Editor

We’ve all been there when it comes to choosing a good quality glove. The challenge to find a glove that not only fits like one but offers the kind of protection you would expect. John Allsopp gets a feel for Held’s Air N Dry.

The central selling point for these gloves is their “two-in-one” tech: there are two different pockets, or chambers, inside these gloves. One of them is insulated and waterproof Gore-Tex lined, and the other allows your hand to run in against the fully perforated kangaroo leather palm.

Beyond the kangaroo leather palms and Gore-Tex liner, the gloves are constructed of cowhide, DuPont Kevlar, hard plastic armour across the knuckles, vents in the fingers, and SuperFabric® (a ceramic bonded material which makes it highly abrasion-resistant) on the palm and the outside of the little finger.

I’ve tested these gloves over eight hours of extended downpour, and they’ve proved reliably waterproof. I’ve also found that when you need to put them on over wet hands, the inner liner stays put. If you’ve ever spent an hour trying to refit the liner into a sodden glove, you’ll understand why this is such a good thing.

They’re a snug fit; comfy when on but need a good tug to get on and off, even with all the straps undone, which is a good thing because protection is more important than ease-of-use. The fastenings at wrist and cuff are both secure, and the vents do a good job of keeping my hands cool as the mercury rises.

They’re incredibly comfortable in about eighty per cent of the riding conditions I subject myself to in England riding its highways and byways. I’ve also worn them in whilst trail riding with Catalan Adventure in Spain.

I’m also delighted to find a visor wiper blade built into the finger — an essential on any glove used in the UK.

When the outdoor temperature falls below 5ºC they really need the addition of silk liners and heated grips as they have no thermal liner.  

Overall impression: These gloves are the closest thing I’ve found to credible summer gloves that are also waterproof and just about warm enough to be two-and-a-half season gloves. And that’s a big improvement on most of the competition. The price of £160 justifies the quality of this glove.

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