How to pick up your motorbike

by MotoGusto Editor

Let’s talk about something that makes most of us angry or cry; dropping your bike. Let’s be honest, we have all been there. The question now is, are you comfortable picking it up? Iñigo Ayesa, from Riding Time, shows you how.

In our “How To…” series, we will explain and show how to pick up your bike after dropping it. Although this is a really useful skill to learn with your bike, we understand if you don’t want to try.

Before you even think about picking up your bike, stop and think! Are you okay? If you have a pillion, are they okay? Is it safe to pick it up now? These may seem like obvious considerations, but in the moment many of us panic and completely forget about safety, only worrying about our pride and joy.

Although motorbikes can be heavy beasts, they are not hard to pick up if you learn how.

First, make sure the bike is in gear, you don’t to have to chase it as you pick it up — that would make things far more difficult. If you can, put the side stand down, it will act as a limit if you push it too much once it is up right. Open the handlebars, this will give you more leverage. Grab the end of the handlebar, the further out, the more leverage you have. Back straight, bend your legs and walk forward pushing the bike up right. You shouldn’t feel you are using your arms or legs. Make sure you use that leverage and use your legs to do all the work.

We completely understand if you don’t want to try this with your own bike. However, there are a few schools in the UK, mainly off-road ones, that will teach you this skill with their own bikes, so why not give them a try?

If you have any questions, suggestions or want to see something specific, drop us a comment below!

This article was kindly supplied by the guys at Riding Time.

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