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Daniel Morris describes his biking journey, from starting riding motorbikes at a young age to establishing ‘mono motorcycles’ and becoming a ‘wiring whisperer’.

Based in Funtington near Chichester, Sussex, ‘mono motorcycles’ was established in 2017. Daniel Morris started the company as a mobile motorcycle repair business and moved into a workshop in February 2018. Since then, they have been working very hard to establish themselves in the industry. 

Daniel started riding motorcycles at a young age. He describes his biking journey and how he came to set up mono motorcycles.  

Daniel: Motorbikes have played a massive part in my life. From the tender age of seven, I was part of a display team called The Wasps Motorcycle Display Team and cut my biking teeth on a Yamaha TY80. I loved the thrill of jumping through fire, leaping over cars and being part of the human pyramid with many of us perfectly balanced on one motorcycle!

My father was very keen for me to understand the workings of the motorcycles I was riding so quickly had me servicing and repairing my own and my friends’ bikes. However, my parents initial plan of letting me ride at such a young age, hoping it would extinguish my desire to ride on the roads later in life, kind of backfired.

The understanding of engines at such a young age stood me in good stead and by the time I was sixteen I was stripping, modifying and creating bespoke builds. My first road motorcycle at sixteen was a Yamaha FS1E. The welder I received for my fourteenth birthday was put to great use, as the modifications and repairs came thick and fast.

As time went by, I became the go to person for tuning and modifying both cars and motorcycles. After college, I completed an apprenticeship with Sycamore Cars, and I learnt the trade from the inside. The wealth of knowledge I got from this experience enabled me to strengthen my skills set.

During my teens, my desire for speed took me off the roads and onto the motocross track, where for many years, I was competing against some of the best riders in the business. Motocross allowed me the freedom that road riding simply couldn’t give me and I loved it! At the same time, I was honing my trials skills and had my first road bike. Three bikes, three brains!

By the time I was twenty-five I was Workshop Controller for a Ford main dealer, followed by running my own business, Gleam Auto Valeting and I became a Zymol detailer. I sold the business and then spent the next ten years working for the AA as a Technical Advisor. Motorcycles, however, were always there; riding, modifying, fixing, racing, a constant in my life!

My journey has taken many diverse directions, but finding myself at a point where I was happy and content, I started to look at life differently.

Therefore, with the support of family and friends, I made the leap early in 2017 to move my passion into a full-time business, and mono motorcycles was born. Katy, my partner in life and business, left her career as a secondary school English teacher in January 2018 and has been the mono motorcycles Business Manager ever since.

Specialist knowledge

With Daniel’s extensive motorcycle knowledge, he is able to complete works on motorcycles of all makes, models and eras. Daniel is as happy with a 1950’s BSA or Norton, as he is with the very latest Ducati or Triumph. 

Whether it be a major valve clearance service on a BMW, the latest DATATOOL security to be installed on a Harley Davidson, rebuilding an R1 engine, a Kawasaki gearbox, modifying a VMAX lighting system, professional detailing to a Triumph Street Triple, 6v to 12v conversion on a Jawa, diagnostics or any manner of service and repairs, Daniel takes enormous pride in everything he does. 

Creating a lightweight wiring loom

One thing which sets mono motorcycles apart from other establishments is the motorcycle wiring and electrical diagnosis specialism Daniel brings to the business. A black art to some, but Daniel spent ten years working for Europe’s largest breakdown organisation as one of their senior Technical Support Advisors. Daniel spent his time reading wiring diagrams, advising and assisting patrols roadside with electrical fault diagnosis. This knowledge and expertise is what Daniel brings to mono motorcycles and why people from across the UK are now seeking out his specialist knowledge. 

The Wiring Whisperer

Known affectionately as the ‘Wiring Whisperer’, Daniel has spent the last three years building a national reputation for being one of the go-to companies for motorcycle wiring, rewires and electrical fault diagnosis. One of the most innovative products Daniel has begun working with is the ‘motogadget’ system. Here’s what he had to say about the motogadget system. 

m.unit blue

motogadget is on the cutting edge of innovative and inspirational solutions for motorcycle electronics. Its ‘motogadget’ m.unit blue is THE most significant innovation to happen to modern motorcycle building.

The ‘motogadget’ m.unit blue uses can-bus digital networking to eliminate the need for relays and fuses. It also halves the amount of cabling, using single touch buttons that can control multiple commands through one switch, making for neat, precise and minimalistic builds.

An example of this is the headlight. Push the headlight button once quickly, and the main beam will flash. Press and hold the button for 1 second; the headlight low beam will come on. Press again and it will bring on the main beam and again will switch the headlight off.

One button. One wire. Thus eliminating six wires, two relays and two fuses from the loom and that’s only one switch circuit.

The ‘motogadget’ m.unit blue can also detect what type of indicators are fitted and flash at the right speed with whatever load, LED or bulbs. You can also set up auto cancel to switch off 30 seconds after releasing the brakes should you forget. The rear sidelight and brake light can be wired using only one wire. Joining the one wire to both connections at the rear light unit, the ‘motogadget’ m.unit blue uses pulse width modulation to control the light.

The easiest way to explain this set up is that the rear light is sent a digital wave to both the side and brake lights. The rear light would receive a lower voltage (around 5-6v on a 12v system making a dim light), then, when the brake light is activated, the m-unit blue would send a full 12v signal making the light brighter.

The ‘motogadget’ m.unit blue can also sense de-acceleration and, utilising a g-sensor, can detect hard braking, which then flashes the brake and hazard lights, to help prevent a rear-end shunt! 


Another feature, should you choose to use it, is the keyless system called m-lock. It can be activated via a fob or even from the Bluetooth from a smartphone!

I really enjoy the transformative nature of the motogadget system and how it can transform the electrical capabilities of a motorcycle. Furthermore, its minimalistic appearance and the sheer amount of cumbersome wiring it does away with is a game-changer. 


An average motogadget rewire and install can take between 25-35 hours dependent on the make or model of the motorcycle. It is also dependent on whether it is fuel injected or not and if the customer has specific requirements about where the wires are laid. In some cases of custom motorcycles installs I have worked on, I ensure the wiring is traced inside the handlebars or frame, for example. These are the lengths we will go to produce a seamless and non-invasive finish. 

Bespoke wiring diagrams

One new option the mono motorcycle team is now offering is bespoke technically-drawn wiring diagrams which people can purchase if they wish to have a go at the wiring themselves. Daniel has already had a few orders for these. As long as he has the base model and year of manufacture of the original motorcycle, he is then fully abreast of any modifications or additions made to the motorcycle as well as the needs of the customer; he can ensure the wiring diagram will enable anyone working from home to be able to follow it easily. With a telephone call back up to ensure the customer understands the diagram and aftercare support. This new option is yet another string to Daniel Morris’ wiring specialism bow. 

Get in touch with mono motorcycles for more information on their electrical expertise and how they can transform your pride and joy.

There is plenty of information on their excellent website or call 01243 576212.

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