Honda Adventure Roads 2021 – Iceland

by MotoGusto Editor

Following in the wheel tracks of previous tours across Norway and South Africa, Honda’s Adventure Roads returns for its third edition in June 2021 to tackle the unique volcanic landscape of Iceland on the CRF1100L Africa Twin.

The first Adventure Roads trip saw 40 motorcycle enthusiasts set out in summer 2017 on an 8-day, 3,500km journey from Oslo to Nordkapp – the northernmost point of Europe. Returning in 2019, Adventure Roads travelled 3,700km ‘coast to coast’ from Durban to Cape Town in South Africa, exploring varied terrain and epic landscapes over 12 adventure filled days.

For 2021, Honda Motor Europe will be offering 30 riders the opportunity to ride the new CRF1100L Africa Twin, the CRF1100L Adventure Sports as well as the CRF1100L Adventure Sports ES — complete with Showa EERA semi active suspension — on a once in a lifetime 11 day journey through the land of ‘Fire and Ice’.

From Reykjavik, the most northerly capital city in the world, the third Adventure Roads tour will wind its way down to the south of the island, before heading through the remote highlands of the north, and back to Reykjavik. Taking in some of the most stimulating riding scenarios in the northern hemisphere, participants will guide their Africa Twins down perfect tarmac roads and gravel passes, navigate the famed black sand, and ford rivers, all while taking in the majestic beauty of an island famed for its volcanos, waterfalls, lava fields, geysers and 22hrs+ of summer daylight.

‘Adventure Roads 2021’ will be a turn-key package for 30 customers from across Europe. With all accommodation, Africa Twins, guides and maintenance taken care of, the participants will arrive safe in the knowledge that they can relax, ride and enjoy. And get to meet and benefit from the riding tips of some of Honda’s HRC rally stars.

For more details of the Adventure Roads programme, and to register your interest please go to: or download the ‘Adventure Roads Outline’ from

True Adventure is calling…

For off-road riding on the latest Africa Twins closer to home, where better to hone your skills before an experience of a lifetime in Iceland than the Honda Adventure Centre, based in the South West of England. Run by 3 time World Motocross champion, Dave Thorpe, the Adventure Centre offers a variety of excellent courses that highlight the Africa Twin’s capabilities on and off-road and whether you’re new to off-road riding or keen to master your skills, there’s something for everyone. For more information, visit

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