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Auritech, the specialist hearing protection manufacturer, have opened their first studio, in Guildford in Surrey, offering a custom-fit filtered earplugs to motorcyclists and participants in other loud activities.

The Surrey-based company had planned to open the studio in March, but understandably put the project on hold in light of the coronavirus crisis. The facility finally has now opened its doors, following Covid-19 protocols and personal protective equipment (PPE) in line with those used by audiologists, including masks and face shields for staff, as well as mandatory face coverings for clients during the quick and painless fitting process.

Auritech opened the studio to meet the demand for their custom-fitted ear protectors, which feature a patented ceramic filter to reduce harmful high-frequency sound while allowing speech and vital ambient sounds to be clearly heard. By ensuring a perfect, bespoke fit, Auritech’s Custom Fit earplugs offer maximum comfort and sound attenuation for the wearer.

Motorcyclists have traditionally been fitted for custom-fit earplugs at motorcycle shows, but with the pandemic effectively ruling those out in 2020, the new studio allows customers to visit the Surrey studio. Close to the biking hotspots at Box Hill and Newlands Corner, customers will receive their bespoke protectors through the post approximately 21 days after fitting.

The first customer through the door was Henry Allen, 32, who rode over two hours from Rushden in Northamptonshire to get fitted for a new set of custom-fit earplugs. The Triumph Sprint ST rider said: “I’ve ridden motorcycles from the age of nine and I have used other universal-fit earplugs in the past, but they become uncomfortable after a while. So, after reading the numerous positive reviews of the Auritech custom-fit biker earplugs, I decided to get my own.”

Mr Allen continued, “I like that they have a smaller profile as it reduces the discomforts I’ve had when using other products. Overall, the experience at Auritech’s new custom fit studio was great, and the team were very accommodating, and I’m now eagerly awaiting the arrival of my new earplugs.”

Marielle Duggan, director at Auritech, added: “We’ve been looking at opening a studio for quite some time now. It will allow us to offer our custom-fit product away from shows, but understandably this was not possible due to the lockdown restrictions in place. We opened in July, putting stringent hygiene measures in place and ensuring that our staff and customers are wearing appropriate PPE, in the same way, they would in an audiologist clinic or a barber’s shop.

“The process itself is quick and painless. Our qualified technician injects a specialist moulding paste into the ear canal to take an accurate impression and create a mould. The mould is sent to our laboratory to create a set of custom-fit earplugs for the client. The customers can choose from a soft medical-grade silicone or a harder, UV-treated material with hypoallergenic coating. Each plug is fitted with one of our patented acoustic attenuation ceramic filters, which are tuned to block out harmful high pitched frequencies caused by wind noise, while allowing deeper tones, such as the bike’s exhaust note, sirens and speech to be clearly heard.”

…research has shown that wind noise can generate as much as 95dB at 62mph, enough to cause permanent hearing damage after just 15 minutes of riding without hearing protection.

In a world where PPE has become part of the ‘new normal’ Auritech is urging motorcyclists to remember to wear hearing protection while riding. Previous research has shown that wind noise can generate as much as 95dB at 62mph, enough to cause permanent hearing damage after just 15 minutes of riding without hearing protection. At 74mph, damage can be done after just seven minutes, yet recent research conducted by Auritech has concluded that nearly 30% of riders risk damage as they never wear earplugs, in many cases citing a dislike of solid foam plugs, which indiscriminately block out all sounds.

Custom-fit earplugs cost £119 for a pair. They are available in a wide range of colours and come with a dedicated carry case and a free cord and clip if required.

Fitting for Auritech’s custom-fit earplugs is by appointment only, and can be arranged via email at or by calling 01483 516434. Weekends appointments are also available.


In addition to the custom-fit earplugs, Auritech’s Universal Fit range is available over the counter. Universal Fit Auritech Biker plugs are available on the company’s website – and from retailers throughout the UK. They utilise the same patented ceramic filter as the Custom Fit plugs, in a tri-sectional reusable, hypoallergenic plug designed to offer high levels of comfort and sound attenuation in ears of all shapes and sizes.

Auritech Biker Universal Fit was last year awarded the prestigious RiDE Best Buy award and are priced £19.95.

For more information on the full range of Auritech products, including hearing protection for activities including shooting, work, travel and music, visit

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