Keis G701 heated gloves

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The most advanced heated motorcycle gloves Keis has ever made, the all-new G701 feature hydrophobic fabric, so they won’t get waterlogged on rainy days, with touch-screen capacitive pads on index finger and thumb too.

Beneath the surface is a semi-bonded Hipora™ waterproof and breathable membrane, which keeps water out and allows perspiration to escape. In addition, the distinctive Ballistic Spandex outer shell is hydrophobic, resisting water penetration even when fully submerged for over two minutes during testing. This further assists in keeping the wearer warmer, preventing the water-logged outer material from drawing heat away from the hand. 

Keis G701 gloves feature a visor wipe

Manufactured to CE standard EN 13594 for protective motorcycle gloves, there is flexible soft armour across the knuckles and scaphoid sliders on each palm.

Inside there’s a generous layer of 3M Thinsulate™ insulation, which retains warmth without adding bulk. The gloves are designed to fit either over or under a jacket cuff — whatever the wearer’s preference — to help seal out the elements. 

When the temperature really drops, micro carbon fibre heating panels — with Far InfraRed Radiation heat-generating technology — provide reliable, controllable warmth, whilst still allowing plenty of dexterity and feel for delicate handling of the controls. 

More effective than heated grips, the heat is where you need it most — the exposed area on the top of the hands and around the fingers. This technology provides radiating warmth, in the same way the sun’s rays warm the body on a cold winter’s day. The heating elements are so reliable they have a lifetime warranty.

Portable 2600mAh battery packs

The easy-to-use, integral controller — positioned on the back of the wrist for easy operation when riding — enables the wearer to turn the power on and off and change temperature on the move. The controller also features an inbuilt voltage regulator to prevent overheating. 

Like all Keis garments, the G701 gloves come with everything needed to connect to a 12v vehicle battery, as well as the option to connect to a portable 2600mAh Glove Battery pack, which fits in a pocket in the glove cuff.

Keis G701 Heated Motorcycle Gloves are available in nine sizes, from XXXS-XXXL, and retail at £199.99 including VAT. They are covered by a 2-year warranty. 

Call 01256 704909 or visit to find out more.

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