Malle Mile Festival. Roll on the good times!

by MotoGusto
Moto Gusto at Malle Mile

Save the date because good times are coming! This year the seventh Malle Mile Festival will be held on the 23rd-25th of July, so we need to focus on the good times which are on the horizon. Now is the time to plan for adventures and get ready for a wild summer ahead!

The Malle Mile is an adventure and a festival like no other. Firstly, it’s an exhibition in motion and a celebration of the motorcycle culture in all its forms. Secondly, it’s three long jam-packed days of inappropriate motorcycle racing, world-class music, hill climbs, bands, DJs, enduro, great food & hospitality, art/motorcycle and automotive exhibitions, moto polo, electric racing, boutique camping and, for those that know, a lot more!

MotoGusto enters the fray. Be afraid — be very afraid!

A new year, a new Malle Mile, a wild new adventure and a new MotoGusto Malle racer project. Keep tuned in as we turn our CCM R 30 into a rip-roaring entry.

Malle Mile tickets and the secret new location will be announced at the end of January. Follow us on Facebook and we will let you know as soon as we do.

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