Viking Motorcycle Seats: Are you seated comfortably?

by MotoGusto Editor

Is your ride a little hard? Do you struggle to touch the ground when sitting on your bike? Fancy a warmer posterior in winter? Or would you just like to add some personalisation to your machine? Providing everything from a simple re-cover to a bespoke design with embroidery, Viking Motorcycle Seats sort out Nick Tunstill’s posterior…

We often hear bikers complain that a certain motorcycle is uncomfortable or too high for them and unfortunately this can mean them dismissing a new purchase or selling their existing bike without trying to find a simple solution. Levers, pegs and suspension can be moved or altered to make the riding position more suitable but the seat can often be overlooked. I wanted to make my Honda CRF250L a little more usable for shorter riders so bought a spare seat and took a trip to Viking Motorcycle Seats so they could work their magic. 

Smaller trail bikes are not designed to be particularly comfortable as much of the time you are standing up and unlikely to be doing longer trips. This means having the seat foam scooped is a simple fix to reduce the ride height by a good inch or so. It may not seem a lot but that can mean the difference between teetering on tip toes and feeling securely planted. Bradley at Viking removed the existing cover, which was in good condition being new, and set to work with his tools. He marked up the foam and then skilfully removed a decent chunk of it. He then replaced the original cover to retain the same profile and keeping the Honda lettering in proportion to the lines of the bike. Bradley made it look simple but it wouldn’t be something I would like to have a go at myself.

Viking Motorcycle Seats have over 20 years’ experience in this field

Years of experience have meant Viking turn out brilliant products with attention to the finest detail. Within a short time I now had a perfect replacement seat that can be swapped in seconds but transforms the bike for a shorter rider. A simple and cost effective solution to a common problem!

Viking Motorcycle Seats have over 20 years’ experience in this field so know what they are doing. If you have a tatty seat or the upholstery is showing its age, they can replicate the original and restore it to its former glory. Sometimes it just needs a refoaming but if the cover is ageing this can be replaced.

Customisation is very popular now. Whether it’s a cruiser, race rep, scooter or simply just something close to your heart, Viking can make you something practical and distinctive. This includes not only standard vinyls but faux materials such as crocodile, elephant and snake skin. Whatever takes your fancy!

Maybe it’s advancing years but I am sure bike seats were more comfortable in the ‘ 70s. If you find your current ride too hard why not consider gel inserts?

If you find the colder months affecting your backside why not have some heated pads inserted while the other work is being done? I had this done on the seat of my Tiger. It was a lot cheaper than a factory fitted option but was simple to use and very welcoming in the winter. There is a connection to the battery and a switch and the pads can be added to the rider’s seat, pillion or both.

We advise you call Viking Motorcycle Seats before dropping in to see them but it is possible at certain times to have your seat worked on while you wait, depending on the complexity of the project.

Visit: or call Lee or Bradley on 07977 874075 or email

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