How to stand up on a motorcycle

by MotoGusto Editor

Iñigo Ayesa, from Riding Time, likes to bring something new, in this an exercise video to our “How To…” series.

In this specific video, we cover the principles of standing up on the bike. Although this technique is especially useful for adventure bike riders, it can be applied to any bike. It can also be used as a replacement for the gym to work those quads!

Before you start, make sure the bike engine’s is not running and that the bike is in first gear, to avoid the bike moving whilst we practise. For the first part, leave the bike on the side stand.

The first part of the exercise is simple; get on and off the bike…with no hands! Using your legs properly is key and you need to make sure you apply the pressure correctly against the ground instead of pushing the bike with your legs away from you. This will also help you with your balance on the bike, so it is useful regardless of the bike you ride.

The second part of the video is specific to standing on the bike from a seated position. If you have a centre stand on your motorbike use it now as this will represent the real-life situation more. Again, with no hands, stand up on the bike. This time, it is key to always stand up and forward. As you are moving, if you just stand up, you will end up towards the rear of the bike and will have to hold the bars, potentially affecting the steering and balance of the bike. To avoid this, slide over the tank, up and forward. You can then stand up in a position where you can comfortably remain with no hands. Now sit down and try again.

These exercises are examples of how we can easily control the bike or our position without necessarily having a negative input on the bike’s behaviour, the aim is to become a weightless rider!

Give it a try and let us know! These exercises are also perfect to stay fit and practise your skills at any time.

If you have any questions, suggestions or want to see something specific, drop us a comment below!

This article was kindly supplied by the guys at Riding Time.

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